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Many parents want to play with their kids and spend quality time with them. Most parents want to help their children develop and grow, even before they start school. The problem is that most parents aren't educators and aren't sure how to make teachable moments out of everyday play. 

This blog is dedicated to teachable moments. We will post all the ideas we can on how to make teachable moments every day with our kids. We hope that by sharing our thought and experiences with you, we can help you make the most of your time with your kids.


Playdoh Qiao Hu

One of our favorite toys to play with is Playdoh. It's amazed me lately how many parents don't like Playdoh or even go as far as to not allow Playdoh in their houses! One thing that we need to keep in mind is that most kids don't know how to play with Playdoh. We need to show them how to make things. One of Oli's favorite characters is Qiao Hu, so, we decided to make one. We started with a circle for his head. We used a bottle to roll the Playdoh out nice and thin. I showed Oli how to use a cup to cut out a circle. Ever since I showed him how to cut out circles using cups and other containers, he's been making so many circles on his own. Next, we spread out the white Playdoh nice and thin an

Chalk Hearts

Time for a little project for Mother's Day. This is a fun little project for starting to understand shapes. We used hearts, since it was Mother's Day, but this is a fun project to do with any shapes, any day. Materials: Shapes cut out of thick cardboard Construction paper (I found dark paper let the chalk show up the best) Chalk (The more colors the better) Start by laying down the shape on the construction paper. It's best for the adult to hold it in place so that it doesn't move. Have your child trace around the outline of the shape. Press as hard as you can with the chalk or go over it multiple times. Use your finger to rub the chalk away from the center of the shape. This leaves the midd

Tire Tracks in Sand 沙地上的輪胎足跡

So recently, we've found a great new toy. It's called Kinetic Sand. It is similar to Playdoh in many ways, yet is something totally different. It is sand. It packs down just like sand and feels just like sand. The cool thing is that it's clean, easy to clean up and can be packed together and taken apart a million times. 話說我們最近發現了一個超棒的新玩具,叫做魔法動力沙。它跟黏土很像但卻是完全不同的東西。它壓緊後像沙,摸起來也像,最酷的是它乾淨又很好清理,也可以重複地拆開組合高達上百萬次。 We've been playing with our sand for the past couple of evening. Last night, we took a look at the different footprints Oliver's toys would leave in the sand and how they were different. Today, Oli was ready to go and curious if the different trucks and cars he had would leave different tra

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