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Grade – Lower Elementary Students

Level – Basic Reading/Conversation Skills

Reading Short Stories / Articles / Poems

Shine Online  Conversation Club

Shine Online Conversations is an interactive online weekly club designed to get more conversations going with your kids.

Join us each week as we talk online together. When you sign up, you will receive the Shine Online Magazine each month. The magazine will help prepare your kids for the conversations that we will have Live! Our magazines are written in Taiwan with a mix of local and foreign perspectives on our subjects. The language is carefully crafted to suite Taiwanese students who are studying English as a foreign language. Each article is designed as a starting point for the conversation that will follow.

Parts of the conversations will show the students sentence patterns that they can use to respond to our questions. Other parts will be deeper questions that will encourage kids to try to use their English on their own to express their opinions or ask questions.

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Conversation Club

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Grade – Lower Elementary Students

Level – Basic Reading/Conversation Skills

Reading Short Stories / Articles / Poems

Wonder Issue 1

Topic 1–

Episodes 1-3 - What's in a Name

Episodes 4-6 - On the Farm

Wonder Issue 1
Topic 1 - What's in a Name

Episode 1

  • Who gave you your English name? 

  • How many English names have you had? 

  • Do you have a short and a long version of your name? 

  • What does your name mean? 

  • Can you change your name? 

  • Individual Reading – My Last English Name 

  • Make an Acrostic Poem – Use an adjective starting with each of the letters in your name to describe yourself 

11 Words

movie star 明星, kindergarten 幼兒園, is short for 縮寫, favorite 最喜歡的, picks him last 最後選他, fortune teller 算命師, lucky name 幸運名, list of names 名單, basketball player 籃球員, acrostic poem 離合詩, describing word 描述詞

Issue 1 cover.JPG

Episode 2

  • Compound Words – What are some animal names that just put 2 words together, like dragonfly. 

  • Individual Reading – My New Puppy’s Name 

  • How to make a gamertag. 

  • Names Freestyle – Learn a freestyle rap using names

30 Words

freestyle 說唱的一種風格, lay it down 表演, compound word 複合詞, adjective 形容詞, Goldfish 金魚, catfish 鯰魚, swordfish 劍魚, dragonfly 蜻蜓, firefly 螢火蟲, ladybug 瓢蟲, bluebird 藍知更鳥, hummingbird 蜂鳥, woodpecker 啄木鳥, sniff 嗅, couch 沙發, coffee table 茶几, roll 滾, living room 客廳, kitchen 廚房, scratch 抓, fur 毛髮, tail 尾巴, gamertag 玩家名稱, online 線上, hobby 嗜好, available 可用的, password 密碼, object 物件, creative 創造, rhyming word 韻腳

Issue 1 4.JPG
Issue 1 1.JPG

Wonder Issue 1
Topic 2 - On the Farm

Episode 3

  • What kinds of farms are there? 

  • What is grown on a farm? 

  • What is raised on a farm?

  • Individual Reading – Kate’s Hobby Farm

  • What kind of animal would you raise at home?

  • Poem – Breakfast on the Farm

Issue 1 4.JPG

17 Words

dairy farm 乳牛農場, farmer 農夫, raise cows 養牛, yogurt 優格, poultry farm 養雞場, orchard 果園, grain 穀, wheat 麥, soybean 大豆, hobby farm 休閒農場, Yilan 宜蘭, wings are clipped 翅膀被剪掉, prefer 更喜歡, feed 餵, pushy 咄咄逼人, milk (v) 擠乳, fresh 新鮮

Episode 4

  • How does food change from a seed to the food on our plates? 

  • Do you grow any vegetables at home?

  • Are there any community gardens in your community?

  • Why is it good to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables? 

  • Individual Reading – A Farmer’s Diary 

  • What chores do you need to do each day?

  • What are the names of the baby farm animals?

32 Words

plow 犁, soil 土壤, weed 雜草, seed 種子, ripe 成熟, local market 在地超市, jungle 叢林, garden 花園, cabbage 高麗菜, yam leaves 地瓜葉, water spinach 空心菜, bok choy 白菜, harvest 豐收, traditional morning market 傳統早市, basil 九層塔, coriander 香菜, rooster 公雞, bucket 桶子, pig pen 豬圈, compost 堆肥, chicken coop 雞舍, basket 籃子, horse stall 馬廄, hay 乾草, tractor 拖拉機, barn 穀倉, kid 小山羊, lamb 小羊, foal 小馬, calf 小牛, chick 小雞, duckling 小鴨

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