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What Is Sparkle and Shine?

Sparkle and Shine is an innovative team of "EDUtainers" raising the bar with exciting and meaningful content for children's educational entertainment in Taiwan and all over the world. We are creating live shows, music and online content for both native English-speaking and ESL kids. Our team is led by the multitalented, Dr. Sparks (Kenn Loewen) previously a director, actor, content creator and set designer at world family. Dr. Sparks has joined forces with Doc. Z (Zacharie Touzin), a teacher/chef/creative soul with a mission to motivate and empower children to grow in confidence and positivity. Together they have united to prepare the next generations for the challenges of the future by nurturing innovation, creativity, a sense of humor and of course the scientific method! Our edutainers have over 38 years of experience entertaining and educating kids in Taiwan.  

Dr. Sparks
Doc Z

什麼是Sparkle and Shine?

Sparkle and Shine是一個兼具教育與娛樂的創意團隊。我們提供英語為母語以及正在學習英語的幼兒們特別製作的音樂和電視節目,還有現場的英語節目表演。Brian “Funshine” Alexander是專門製作兒童音樂的音樂家。

Kenn “Sparkles” Loewen在寰宇家庭擔任表演工作者。我們創作的節目與表演,是結合2人的超過25年的幼教與表演經驗的產品。

Our Latest Activity

Dr. Sparks Junior Scientist Club

The Dr. Sparks’ Junior Science Club is coming to cities all over Taiwan to show your kids how much fun science can be! We’ve got science activities for kids in preschool all the way up to upper elementary school grades. These English science activities will get your kids into a hands-on science environment that will get their brains working.

Dr. Sparks (Sparks博士)兒童科學俱樂部即將把科學的樂趣帶到全台各地散播給您的孩子們! 我們針對幼兒園的幼兒到小學高年級的兒童,設計了不同的科學活動課程。這些以英語進行的科學活動,會讓您的孩子們愛上動手玩科學,進而刺激大腦的學習。

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