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CSI Camp Preview Video

Learn about forensic science while helping us solve an awful crime this winter at Dr. Sparks Jr. Scientist Club. Explore how to collect, analyze, and compare evidence to find out who the criminal is. This full day, whole-English winter camp is available in communities around Taiwan. Spend the day solving crimes and becoming Taiwan’s youngest forensic scientist.

Dr. Sparks’ dog has been kidnapped. 4 criminals have been arrested, but only 1 of them is guilty. It will be up to your kids to find out who the kidnapper is. We will collect evidence and compare it to all of our suspects to make sure only the guilty person goes to jail and Dr. Sparks’ dog is returned safely.

Your kids will learn how to analyze bitemarks. We will learn how to analyze people’s handwriting. The ink from black pens will be separated using chromatography to find who wrote the ransom note. Explore different kinds of fingerprints, including your own. Make a natural PH indicator with purple cabbage to test powders found at the scene of the crime.

Ransom Note

Analyze the handwriting on the note


Find which pen wrote the note using chromatography

Bite Mark Analysis

Take a bite mark imprint

Measure the space between the teeth

Compare the bite mark to a bite left in an apple at the scene

Fingerprint Analysis

Learn how to collect fingerprints

Explore different kinds of fingerprints

Powder Analysis

Make a natural PH indicator with purple cabbage

Compare powders by their characteristics and PH

Test if powders are water-soluble

Test if powder are reactive to vinegar

Daily Schedule

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