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Rockets & Rovers

Camp Preview Video

Welcome to our STEAM Camp, where we embark on a two-day journey into technology and engineering. We will focus on the fascinating challenges associated with Mars exploration.

Technology – Rockets

On technology day, boys and girls will explore the principles and exciting discoveries that will help take humans into the vastness of space. Guided by Doc Z, students will discover the history of rockets and the development of rocket technology. After they build different types of rocket designs, students will experiment with rocket propulsion and trajectory.


Engineering – Mars Rovers

On engineering day, students will dig into the captivating world of Mars Rovers. Led by Dr. Sparks, students will gain understanding of rovers from their humble beginnings to the cutting-edge engineering behind the robotic explorers of today. Your kids will learn to read maps from satellite images, to collect data and they will discover what it takes to bring back samples from other planets.


Experience the technology and engineering of space exploration while practicing English skills in an exciting, language-rich environment.

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🚀Technology Day – Rockets


One man, Elon Musk, has the vision for the technology we need to go to Mars. Technology brought us first into space and then to the moon. Now we work to create the new technology that will one day take us to Mars. 

Learning Objectives

  • What Is Technology?

  • Rockets of the Past, Present, & Future

  • Collect Data About Rockets

  • Paper Rocket Design (take-home experiment)

  • Newton’s 3rd Law

  • Washer Blaster Build (take-home experiment)

  • Solid & Liquid Propellants

  • Nozzle Design

  • Build PVC Rocket Launcher (take-home experiment)

🛸Engineering Day – Rovers and Orbiters


Getting to Mars is going to keep our engineers very busy. None of the tools that we have today were designed for Mars. Mars a different environment that requires our engineers to make brand new tools to explore the red planet. 


Learning Objective

  • What Is Engineering?

  • What Are Orbiters Looking for on Mars?

  • The History of Orbiters and Rovers

  • Stitching Satellite Images to Make a Map

  • How to Read Map Legends

  • How to Interpret Maps

  • How to Find a Landing Spot

  • How to Land a Rover

  • Perseverance Rover Design Features  

  • Build a Model Rover (take-home experiment)

  • Operating a Rover from 400 million miles away 

  • Ingenuity – How to Fly on Mars (take-home experiments)

Daily Schedule

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