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Grade – Lower Elementary Students

Level – Basic Reading/Conversation Skills 

Level 1 is great for younger elementary school students. The subjects and vocabulary are designed for this age group. Some of the reading may be challenging  younger students. However, even if your children are not reading at this level yet, they will be able to follow along with us as we read and then join the conversation as we talk about what is in the magazine. Level 1 is also suitable for older students who are not confident reading the full articles in the higher levels. Kindergarten students who are already reading or speaking well are also welcome to join.

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Grade – Upper Elementary

Level - Intermediate Reading/Conversation Skills

Level 3 is for upper elementary school students who are reading longer magazine articles or are starting to read chapter books. The subjects and vocabulary are more mature, suitable for this age range. The focus is on the harder words and phrases that we know many Taiwanese students may not be familiar with at this age. The pace is quicker, and these interesting stories and themes open up the conversation even more. We also welcome Jr. high students to join for some great conversation and fun practice.

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