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Shine Online is a magazine and online conversation club designed to get your boys and girls speaking English from home. This program was developed with the goal of capturing our students’ attention and keeping them engaged from start to finish and beyond! We use a mix of technology, entertainment, TPR, and critical thinking to get your kids speaking more! If you wonder what the future of education will be, come discover the possibilities with us as we explore the world around us!

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Shine Online Magazine

We created Shine Online Magazine for Taiwanese English learners. The language we use is targeted to improve comprehension by making it accessible. We use English to talk about life here in Taiwan as well as the rest of the world. Our stories are written in a variety of styles to keep kids interested. The language is selected to help kids express themselves and gain confidence. The themes are picked to spark conversations that will lead our students towards a bilingual future. And Shine Online is where it all happens!

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Wonder – As an introduction to our program the first two issues of Wonder are “What’s in a Name” and “On the Farm”. There are 6 weekly courses with a total of 3 episodes for each issue.

Wonder is designed for lower-elementary school levels but is suitable for kindergarten kids with strong English skills. Parts of the conversations will show the students vocabulary and sentence patterns they can use to respond to questions. Other parts will introduce deeper concepts that will encourage kids to use English on their own to express opinions or ask questions.

Discover is designed for upper-elementary school levels. The articles are longer and written for older students. We introduce vocabulary and sentence patterns that will help them with English classes at school. The course is structured so that less confident students can follow our sample sentence patterns and engage in the conversation. More confident speakers are encouraged to experiment with their own style of speaking.

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Discover – Our first issue “Video Games”. There are 4 weekly episodes for the magazine.

What Makes This Different?

Shine Online uses new and imaginative ways to present content on the web. Our activities engage students with segments such as brainstorming, steps in a process, related viral videos, listening comprehension and around the home challenges that will have them moving, talking, participating, laughing, and learning. 

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Shine Online Conversation Club

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Join our weekly, hour-long Shine Online Conversation Club where we expand on the themes explored in our magazines. Our foreign teachers and local co-teacher will host these activities for a maximum of 10 students.

Each week we will review the articles and vocabulary. We’ll work on reading comprehension by asking each student questions about the articles. Basic conversations are hosted with sentence and grammar patterns that all students can use to answer the questions. Advanced students who are eager to talk more will have a chance to express themselves in the open question parts of the activities.

Our course is a premium online experience, designed to keep students stimulated and engaged all the way through.  We use a variety of interesting features such as : Scavenger Hunts/ Poems / Rhymes / Rhythm/TPR/Movie Clips for Vocabulary/Jokes & Riddles​/Viral YouTube Clips

When you sign up you will receive a workbook pack and get access to hours of additional online content via QR Code. Our playlist includes each article read by our teachers, weekly worksheet instruction and answer videos, additional theme related videos, and more.

Sign up now to experience a new kind of online!

Shine Online Conversation Club includes a magazine pack with fan, pencil and workbook sent to your home. 6 weekly 1-hour online sessions with Sparkle and Shine teachers as well as hours of extra online content.

October Shine Online

Price - $2700 / 6 hr

🔹6hrs of class instead of 4hrs
🔹Hosted by TK and TZ
🔹Now 10 students instead of 12
🔹Tons of extra video content (total 2.5hrs)

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