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Dr. Sparks is coming to your home to teach your boys and girls about the science of flight. Inside your box you will find 5 mission kits with 8 great experiments and all the materials your kids need to complete them (Total 79 pics). Each mission includes detailed video instructions on how to complete each experiment, hosted by Dr. Sparks. Dr. Sparks language and special effects are designed to help girls and boys understand the science behind each of their missions. Designed in Taiwan for children learning English as a foreign language, Sparks at Home is a fun way to learn through English. Our videos are designed to show kids how to perform each mission step-by-step by themselves. If they’re not sure, they can always rewind and watch the section again. 

5 Missions 

8 Experiments 

79 Piece Supply Kit 

6 Videos = 3 Hours! 

Price - NT$600

Original price - NT$1000

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Mission Kit 1

Walk-Along Gliders

Create amazing gliders out of a very special low-density foam. Start with the foam to learn how to create and fly these gliders. For an extra challenge, use one of the many different kinds of materials to try to recreate the gliders on your own.

Mission Kit 2

Hoop Gliders

This mission will have your kids cutting, folding, and taping to complete their tasks. We’ll use 2 different methods to create these round gliders and inspire your kids to try different variations to create their own unique designs. 

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Mission Kit 3

Vortex Flyers

Take paper airplanes to the next level with this amazing flying ring. Dr. Sparks special design will make learning how to fold a Vortex Flyer easy. The spinning action makes the Vortex Flyer fly the same way as a football spirals through the air. With 3 different weights of paper, your kids will be challenged to build a flying ring that can fly farther than a paper airplane. 

Mission Kit 4

Cup Spinners

Learn about the Magnus effect while learning how to make cups fly. 4 different sets of cups made of different materials and different weights will help your kids learn how spinning can create flight. Dr. Sparks will show them how air moves from low pressure to high pressure areas to create lift. 

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Mission Kit 5

Balloon Rockets

Turn your living room into a rocket laboratory. With 10 meters of bungee cords and many different kinds of balloons to experiment with, balloon rocket races will fill your house. Dr. Sparks will teach your kids about how drag and thrust will affect the flight of your balloon rockets.  


5 Missions 

8 Experiments 

79 Piece Supply Kit 

6 Videos = 3 Hours! 

Price - NT$600 

Sparks At Home  - Flight

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