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2024 Summer Camp

Show Us Your Kids
Doing Science

Show us your kids doing science and you could be one of our 25 winners! We've got $35,000 in prizes to give away!

PBL Breakout Story

This summer, prepare for another epic PBL Adventure with Dr. Sparks and the S-TEAM!

Dr. Sparks’ evil twin and his mischievous Labrats return after their defeat last summer with new plans on how to destroy the S-TEAM.

Armed with the five branches of STEAM, Dr. Sparks and the S-TEAM are coming to the rescue, and they need your help!

Each day, students become problem-solving heroes, unraveling puzzles, thinking outside the box and outsmarting Dr. Plarks at every turn!

Are you ready to take your English skills to the next level in the ultimate showdown?

Join Dr. Sparks' PBL Breakout Summer Camp and help make the world a safer place.


Here's how our camp works:

  1. Introduce the Concept – In Dr. Sparks’ style, teacher-led hands-on experiments will introduce the concepts.

  2. Present the Challenge – A story featuring one of the members of the S Team will set up a challenge that the students need to solve.

  3. Provide the Tools – We provide everything the students need to find a solution.

  4. Solve the Problem – Students work individually or in groups to figure out how to use the tools to find a solution to the problem.

Daily Activity

Soaring with Dr. Sparks Forces of Flight

Morning Activities: Take aerodynamics to the next level with extended experiments. Super-Sized Drag Chamber and new and improved Wind Tunnel will challenge students design abilities!

Afternoon Activities: Uncover the science of Bernoulli's Principle through hands-on air pressure experiments. Exciting team challenges to figure out what we can make fly using this principle. Awesome super low-density walk-along glider obstacle courses and challenges.

Techna’s VR Trek – Virtual Reality & Robot Design

Morning Activities: Experience VR on a thrilling exploration of Virtual Reality and 3D technology, zooming into the past, present, and future of these groundbreaking technologies. Our 3D printed strategy games will challenge teams to think outside the box.

Afternoon Activities: Dive into the world of Robots & AI, discussing how they are changing our future. Explore robots from Boston Dynamics and Tesla and participate in a futuristic robot challenge. Collaborate with your team in a thrilling 13-in-1 Robot Build Challenge, racing against the clock to construct various designs.

Eddie's Engineering Adventures – 
Magnetic Forces and Lego Mechanics

Morning Activities: Embark on a magnetic journey, mastering advanced building techniques with different kinds of magnets. Teams work together using magnets to build their own maglev train and magnetic accelerator.

Afternoon Activities: Our Lego Mechanics series requires teams to adapt their motorized Lego creations by changing wheels, gears, weight, or increasing the wheel basewheelbase to get over a series of obstacles. Learn about motors, gears, and balance as we create our own Lego Battle Tops.

Arianna’s VR Evolution – Creating New Worlds

Morning Activities: Experience the artistry of paper making, learning various techniques from around the world and exploring the process of grinding and binding plant fibers. Create mesmerizing paper marbling designs as you experiment with colors and patterns, unlocking the secrets of liquid density and surface tension.

Afternoon Activities: VR Art! Teams evolve their artistic visions from 2D designs into 3D creations and finally into virtual objects created in VR. Combine the power of magnets, geometry, patterns and art as we learn advanced building techniques for the incredible Shashibo cubes.

Matheus’ Math Monsters – Cyphers & Codes

Morning Activities: Apply math skills in escape room style challenges to decipher codes, decrypt messages, and unlock treasure chests. Discover the math hidden inside slinkies as we explore their relation to sound waves and seismic waves with giant slinkies.

Afternoon Activities: Teams design courses that control marbles’ speed of decent and trajectory using our custom 3D printed tracks. Students are challenged to measure calorie intake and caloric burn rate to help their creatures evolve in our Dr. Sparks original game, The Labrat’s Evolution.

2023 Camp
Review Video

2024 Camp
Introduction video

Camp Details

🌟Dr. Sparks’ PBL Breakout 5-Day STEAM Summer Camp VIP Registration Now Open for Members Only!! 

🚀Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving in English through Immersive STEAM Adventures

🔥Attention all parents! Are your junior scientists ready to level up their English skills? Our summer camps go above and beyond regular education, teaching your kids problem solving skills in English. Dr. Sparks & the S TEAM are thrilled to announce that VIP registration for our upcoming summer camp is officially OPEN! Check your email and secure your spot today with priority booking and save BIG with exclusive VIP member discounts. 

🔍 What Sets Us Apart:

  • Every class led by experienced foreign teachers.

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills through teamwork and communication in English.

  • One day dedicated to each branch of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math)

  • Experience VR on Art and Technology days!

  • Gamification through experiments, captivating storylines and challenges.

  • Multiple take-home daily experiments, science tools, and equipment valued over $3000!


📚 Methodology:

  • Experience true STEAM education with a focus on each discipline (plus exciting crossovers!).

  • Engage in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) to enhance English thinking, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

  • Gamify education with thrilling experiments, captivating stories, dynamic characters, PBL challenges, and even escape room elements!

  • Teamwork projects designed to encourage students to interact with each other in English.

  • Guided hands-on experiments that spark scientific exploration and provide the tools for students to figure out the solutions to the daily PBL challenges.

🌟 Camp Highlights:

  • Immersive experiences in the Metaverse with TWO exhilarating VR sessions!

  • Multiple daily experiments and take-home science tools, and equipment valued at over $3000! Your child's learning doesn't end when camp does.

  • Daily PBL group challenges designed to lead students to the “Aha” moment of working out the solution themselves.

  • Enjoy a low student-teacher ratio of 1:8, ensuring personalized attention and support for every camper.

  • For elementary school students.


2024 Summer Location & Dates

Taipei 1 - July 1st to July 5th

Taipei 2 - July 22nd to July 26th

Banqiao - Aug 19th to Aug 23rd

Hsinchu - Aug 12th to Aug 16th

Taichung - July 8th to July 12th

Chiayi - July 29th to August 2nd

Tainan - July 15th to July 19th

Kaohsiung - Aug 5th to Aug 9th


Regular Price

  • 5-day Camp - $18,990

  • Group 3+ students - $18,690

  • Group 5+ students - $18,290

  • Group 10+ students - Contact us

💫Summer Special - Until 6/30💫

  • 5-day Camp - $15,990

  • Group 3+ students - $14,990

  • Group 5+ students - $14,690

  • Group 10+ students - Contact us

Screenshot 2022-11-10 134921.png




The themes for both levels are the same. Here is how the 2 levels are different.

  • Level 1 will have some of the more difficult parts of the experiments prepared for them.

  • Level 1 will use a bit more Chinese to help with key words and concepts that students may not be familiar with.

  • Level 2 will challenge kids more with intricate parts of the experiments that require better fine motor skills. 

  • Level 2 will talk about the scientific concepts in more detail. There will be more open questions, conversations, and opportunity for discussions.


Students going into grade 4 are welcome to choose which level is more suitable for them. For students less comfortable in an English environment, stick to level 1. Students who are comfortable using English can come up to level 2.

Daily Schedule

2024 Daily Schedule - EN.png
2024 Daily Schedule - Chinese.png

Drop of Time - 8:309:00

Camp Time - 9:00~12:00, 1:30~4:30

Lunch Break - 12:001:30

Pick Up Time - 4:30~5:30

(late pick-up must be prearranged. Fees may apply)

Contact Us
If you have any question.

We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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