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2023 Summer Camp
Dr. Sparks & the S TEAM
PBL Adventure

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Introducing Dr. Sparks & the S Team – PBL Adventure summer camps in cities around Taiwan. Our 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day whole-English STEAM summer camps are designed for Taiwanese students who are comfortable in a whole-English environment.

What is PBL? PBL stands for problem-based learning. Your kids will spend a whole week training critical thinking and problem-solving skills in English. Each day will focus on one of the elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). The learning experience is gamified using multiple logic puzzles connected to the daily story and theme. Students will get premium STEAM take-home items each day.

Here's how our camp works:

1 – Introduce the Concept – In Dr. Sparks’ style, teacher-led hands-on experiments will introduce the concepts.

2 – Present the Challenge – A story featuring one of the members of the S Team will set up a challenge that the students need to solve.

3 – Provide the Tools – We provide everything the students need to find a solution.

4 – Solve the Problem – Students work individually or in groups to figure out how to use the tools to find a solution to the problem.

Our camps are hosted by highly experienced, native-English speaking teachers. We have 2 levels to chose from. Level 1 is for students entering grades 2-4 and Level 2 is for students entering grades 4-7. Students entering grade 4 can pick between either Level 1 or 2 based on their English abilities. Level 2 requires high level English communication and well-developed fine motor skills.

VIP registration is open now until March 31st. Sparkle and Shine members get 2 days priority registration before we open registration to the public! Save up to 23% and receive a free student lab coat! Check your inbox for your VIP member registration link. Only 1 week per city and seats are limited, so don’t miss your chance to join Dr. Sparks & the S Team – PBL Adventure this summer.

Let this summer be the year that your kids take their English to the NEXT LEVEL!

Summer Special Registration - Until May 31 !!

Save money and join the fun with Dr. Sparks & the S Team – PBL Adventure whole-English summer camps. Sign up before 5/31 to get your summer special discount ! 70% of our spots sold out in the first 2 weeks, so sign up now while there are still seats. Get a group of 3 people to receive our group rate and save even more. Do you have even more people than that? 5-person group rates available only for 5 day camps, but spots are very limited. Contact us for more information about large group rates. We’ll see you this summer and Dr. Sparks and the S Team – PBL Adventure!

2/3/5-Day Schedule

3 options to chose from. 2-day, 3-day, or 5-day camps. This is a 5-day STEAM camp. Each day will focus on a different branch of STEAM. Our 5-day campers get first priority and the biggest savings. 2 and 3-day camps are only available with the days and subjects listed below.
   5-day – Monday to Friday – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math
   3-day – Wednesday to Friday – Science, Math, Engineering
   2-day – Monday to Tuesday – Technology, Art

Mission Statement

At Dr. Sparks Jr. Scientist Club, our mission is to empower Taiwanese students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and great English communicators. Our summer camp, Dr. Sparks & the S Team - A PBL Adventure, is designed to provide an immersive and engaging learning experience that will take them to the next level.

Summer camps give us the time and space to gamify experiments and turn them into PBL challenges. Our program is specifically designed for kids who are comfortable communicating in English. We incorporate various methods of critical thinking to train their English-thinking skills. We develop problem-solving skills by providing the tools, context, and environment for kids to independently solve problems.

Mistakes are a valuable learning tool, and we encourage our students to embrace mistakes as learning opportunities. Creativity, innovation, application, and interdisciplinary thinking are trained through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). Our ultimate goal is to provide an experience that sparks curiosity, trains English thinking, develops confidence, and inspires students to overcome any problem.


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Dr. Sparks

Introducing the coolest problem-solving team in Taiwan, Dr. Sparks & the S TEAM. They use all 5 branches of STEAM to solve problems including Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Each of these branches helps the S team solve different types of problems. 
Each day of camp will have a different member of the S Team presenting their unique approach to problem solving. They will show the boys and girls that when you use all the methods of STEAM, there is no problem you can't solve.

Dates & Location

Dates & Location

Taipei City

July 03 - 07


August 14 - 18


July 10 - 14


July 24 - 28


August 21 - 25


July 17 - 21

PBL - Problem-Based Learning
& Critical Thinking

Dr. Sparks & the S TEAM – PBL Adventure is a summer camp experience designed to train English thinking through problem solving. Our daily themes will start with learning some scientific principles through interesting stories hosted by the S TEAM. Then, the students will be faced with a challenge that they need to solve. They will have all the tools that they need to solve the problem if they can figure out how to use the tools in the right way. These scenarios are carefully created to engage students English thinking.

Problem-based learning (PBL) is a student-centered teaching approach that allows students to learn by actively engaging in real-world problems. Through PBL, your child will develop a range of core abilities, including:

  • Critical thinking skills: PBL requires students to analyze and evaluate problems to come up with effective solutions. This helps to develop their critical thinking skills, which are essential for success in all areas of life.

  • Collaboration skills: Many of the challenges involve students working together in groups to solve problems. This helps to develop their collaboration and teamwork skills, which are important for success in both academic and professional settings.

  • Communication skills: Students will need to communicate their ideas and solutions effectively to others. This helps to develop their communication skills, which are essential for success in all areas of life.

  • Problem-solving skills: We will help your children learn how to identify problems, gather information, and develop and implement effective solutions. 

On top of building these skills, our PBL Adventure is just pure English fun. It’s kind of like an escape room meets a STEAM camp.

Ages / Levels

PBL Adventure Camps are designed for students who are already comfortable in a whole-English environment. These are specialized activities designed to build English thinking and problem-solving skills through STEAM. We have 2 levels available.
   Level 1 – Students entering grades 2-4
   Level 2 – Students entering grades 4-7
Students entering grade 4 can pick between either Level 1 or 2 based on their English abilities. Level 2 requires high level English communication and well-developed fine motor skills.


Summer Camp 2023 will be hosted by highly experience, native English-speaking teachers. Doc Z and Dr. Sparks will be a key part in all of our camps. Your kids likely know them from our YouTube videos and live shows. 
Our camps will have a maximum of 24 students with a teacher-student ratio of 1:8. Our local co-teachers are confident in an English environment and are there to make sure the students all have help when they need it.

Regular Price Registration

2-day Camp - Regular Price $7000

3-day Camp - Regular Price $10050         

5-day Camp - Regular Price $16000        

Group Rate – For Groups of 3 or More

2-day Camp Group Rate - Regular Price $6850
3-day Camp Group Rate - Regular Price $9825

5-day Camp Group Rate - Regular Price $15625

Contact us for groups of 5 or more. Only available for 5-day camps.

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Daily Schedule

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