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The creators of Dr. Sparks Jr. Scientist Club are happy to announce the arrival of our new Shine Online Club – SSR Edition. As parents with kids in the Taiwanese school system, we see the need for the major improvements in their online learning experience. We have worked hard to design activities that capture student's attention and keep them engaged from start to finish.

SOL - Shine Online Magazine

Shine Online  Conversation Club

We have created our own magazine and opened a new program called Shine Online Conversations. This new program focuses more on getting your kids talking. We have cut down the number of articles in the magazine. Our articles are written for EFL students, focusing on more appropriate language for their level. We also write the stories with a balance of local Taiwanese lifestyle and Western stories. Each article is written with the purpose of starting the conversations that we will have online with your kids.

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SSR - Summer Success Reading

Shine Online  Reading Club

Our first series is a magazine-based online conversation club for elementary school students. We will read and explore these magazines together live online, learning new words in both English and Chinese as we go. Even students with lower reading levels can join the club. We focus on conversation and comprehension while interacting with the materials in fun and exciting activities.

L1 Mix
L3 Mix
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What Makes This Different?

Shine Online uses new and imaginative ways to present content on the web. Our activities engage students with segments such as brainstorming, steps in a process, related viral videos, listening comprehension and around the home challenges that will have them moving, talking, participating, laughing, and learning. 


Monthly Subscription

Conversation Club


Your monthly membership gets you 4 weekly 1-hour online activities with our foreign teachers. Along with your weekly classes, you will receive our Shine Online Magazine and Workbook for free. Each of the activities in the workbook comes along with video instructions and a YouTube playlist containing related videos to keep the learning going.

Reading Club

The package includes 2 issues of the American magazine, Summer Success Reading Magazine. We add many other exercises and worksheets for your kids to keep the learning going even after the online activity is finished. They also receive a special fan that we will use during our online activities. One side represents true, good, real, non-fiction, and mammals. The other side represents false, bad, make-believe, fiction, and reptiles. These fans will be used to add a new experience in our activities while helping to develop English critical thinking.

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A 1-month membership to the Shine Online SSR Club includes our magazine package sent to your kids at home and 4 weekly 1-hour online sessions with Sparkle and Shine teachers.

Summer Special - $1800/month


Regular Price - $2600/Month

Summer Special!