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Quest Adventures

Children will love putting their history, math and science skills to the test in this exciting slip-cased collection of 12 adventure stories. Making learning fun, children have to answer the questions correctly in order to move through the chapters. A great way to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills, the books will also help children get to grips with these sometimes-tricky subjects. If they get a question wrong, children will find some clues to guide them to the right answer. These brilliant books provide an interactive way for children to learn all about their important school subjects in an exciting and new way.  

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Quest Adventures

Science, Math, History Interactive Stories 

⭐️12 Book Set

⭐️16 hours of Online Content

⭐️824 Vocabulary List

Recommended ages

Native English Speakers – 7+ years 

EFL Students – 9+ years

All 12 books plus over 16 hours of online content

for NT$2400

3 Theme

Science Quest

Science Quest: Funfair Fright 


Science Quest: The Secret Formula 


Science Quest: Lost in Space 


Science Quest: Amazon Adventure 


Maths Quest

Maths Quest: Escape from Hotel Infinity 


Maths Quest: Attack on Circuit City 


Maths Quest: Lost in the Fourth Dimension 


Maths Quest: The Island of Tomorrow 


History Quest

History Quest: Medieval Mayhem 


History Quest: Tomb of Terror 


History Quest: Minotaur's Maze 


History Quest: Race Through Rome 


Demo Video

Try out our online videos that accompany the Quest Adventures 12 book series, on sale now!! This book is The Secret Formula. Dr. Sparks has a 75 minute video for each book that will help your kids learn lots of new words and figure out how to solve the book.

This is part of the science themed books, and talks about solids, liquids, and gas, temperature, mixtures and solutions, filtration, and insulation.

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