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Tire Tracks in Sand 沙地上的輪胎足跡

So recently, we've found a great new toy. It's called Kinetic Sand. It is similar to Playdoh in many ways, yet is something totally different. It is sand. It packs down just like sand and feels just like sand. The cool thing is that it's clean, easy to clean up and can be packed together and taken apart a million times.


We've been playing with our sand for the past couple of evening. Last night, we took a look at the different footprints Oliver's toys would leave in the sand and how they were different. Today, Oli was ready to go and curious if the different trucks and cars he had would leave different tracks as well. Sounds like a great question to me.

我們已經連續幾個晚上都在玩這魔法動力沙了。昨天晚上,我們試著看Oliver不同的玩具在沙上會留下怎樣不同的足跡,今天 Oli很好奇的想知道他其它不同的玩具卡車以及車子是不是也會在沙上留下不同的軌跡。嗯這真是一個好問題,我也想知道~

We started first by packing down the sand a bit. We had to play around to figure out how much we needed to pack it down to get the clearest tire marks. Next, it was time to pick a truck with some recognizable tire tracks. The excavator seemed like a logical place to start.


It left very clear tracks. All right, time to try the other ones now. We tried big cars and little cars. We learned that we could tell if the car was big or small by how wide apart its tire tracks were.


Each car had a different kind of pattern that it left. We looked closely at the patterns and compared them to what the tires looked like and started to figure out why every pattern was different.

Then, we saw a huge difference when we used the steam roller. It was totally smooth. We were able to compare it to one of the books that we have about building roads and all of the different vehicles.


Finally, after we had tried out all of the cars, we decided to play a game. Oliver covered his eyes and I ran a car over the sand. When he opened his eyes, he had to look at the tracks and then look at the tires of the cars to figure out which one had made the track.


He was very quick figuring it out. Here are some questions you can ask your kids to get them thinking about it themselves.

"Look at the tire tracks. Are they wide apart, or close together? So, do you think it was a big truck or a little car that made these tracks?"

"Look closely at the tire tracks. What shapes or patterns do you see in there? Do they all go the same direction or different directions? Can you find the car that has the same tracks as those?"


“觀察一下這些軌跡,它們是散開的還是靠很近? 那你(們)認為這是大卡車還是小台車子的胎痕呢?”

“仔細看一下這些輪胎的痕跡,你(們)看到了什麼樣的形狀及紋路? 它們都是朝同一個方向行駛呢還是不同? 你(們)可以找出來是哪一輛車留下這軌跡的嗎?”

We're just starting to have fun with our sand. We'll keep you posted on all the other ways we find to play with it.

我們正要開始享受這動力沙帶來的樂趣呢! 如果我們發現了這沙子的其他玩法,我們一定會告訴大家的,下次見囉!


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